Unless The Lord


Sprinkles of forgiveness

July 14th, 2022

It is Monsoon season here in the state of New Mexico which means there is a chance for rain almost everyday, although sometimes it happens at night. Earlier this week we had a bit of rain at about midnight. The next morning I walked out to drive to work and noticed that my truck looked dirty. I thought to myself, “Man I thought it had rained pretty well last night, I guess I was wrong.” As I drove into to work I couldn’t help but notice the dirt on the hood, it had rained just enough to pool the dust in the droplets of water and then dry, so in essence, it made the truck look dirtier than it actually was. This started me thinking about something.

It made me think about forgiveness, and the was we receive and offer forgiveness. The Bible is clear that when we are forgiven we are made completely clean. The problem is that even though we are made clean symbolically, we often are haunted by the sins of our past. I believe that this is because we are not really able to accept the forgiveness that God gives us. Instead, we accept a sprinkling of His forgiveness, and instead of being completely clean, we notice the sin even more, and focus on it more intently. The same is true in how we offer forgiveness. Often, we will forgive someone, but instead of actually forgiving them, we sprinkle only enough to get along, never truly forgiving someone.

It is this thought that made me think we need to do better. You see, the only way we can make our relationships right with one another is to have our relationship with God right. Here is what I mean. How can we forgive someone completely if we have never accepted God’s forgiveness completely. I am convinced, that if each and every one of us accepted God’s forgiveness in our lives the way He intended it, the world would be a much better place. If we are able to accept His forgiveness, then we can be true forgives.

What sin or wrongdoing is haunting you. What dirt spot, no matter how hard you try and look away, continues to draw your attention. Here is what I think we need to do. Right now, realize that Jesus has completely forgiven you and doesn’t want you focusing on the spot, He wants you focusing on Him. take time today to forgive yourself and accept God’s forgiveness the way He intended it. Then. Think of someone whose wrongdoing you have not been able to forgive and fully forgive them. Maybe you can do this, maybe you cannot, but I think it is at least worth a try. Forgiveness is a great tool for the future of our relationship with God and others.