Unless The Lord


Unless The Lord is in your Social Media Posts

April 29, 2022

Over the past few weeks here in Roswell we have had some pretty hard news. There were two young men gunned down at a park by two other young me, really they were children. Now, there are four lives that are over. This particular event, caused people to come out of the Social media woodwork. Posts about how bad of a city Roswell is, posts about how bad the schools are, and posts blaming political parties. To my knowledge, very few of these posts actually did anything to solve the problem, for the most part, they just fueled an already touchy subject by taking advantage of a tragic situation. More than any other time, the Christ Follower can make a difference by making sure that they are using the tools God gave us to spread a message of Christ that can actually fuel revival, not resentment.

With that in mind, I thought this would be a good time to remind everyone how we, as Christians, should post things on our Social Media accounts. For this, I also want to include emails and texts. So…. Without further ado, here are my three surefire ways to change how you post on Social Media, send emails, and text.

  • First things first. Pray. Pray before you send that message. I am not talking about praying that people will see it and not be mad, I am saying pray and ask God if what you are saying is glorifying to Him. Ask this question, “What is my ultimate goal in this?” Is it to bring glory to the Father? Is it to bring people closer to Jesus? Is it to encourage people? Is it to lift people up? Only after prayer, should you decide to send what you are about to send.
  • Second. READ IT!! Really take the time to read what you are sending. I know we live in a world of text shorthand, memes, and gifs, but, commas, periods, and caps, all say something, so why not make sure what you are typing is really what you want to say. I have a friend who for a long time typed out her texts in all caps. Somebody asked her if everything was okay, she told them yes and then came to me to ask why someone might have thought she wasn’t okay. When she showed me the text she sent I laughed out loud. It was all caps. I preceded to tell her that usually, all caps are a form of yelling. She has stopped that practice.
  • Finally. Delete it. Seriously. If you send a text or post something and it is immediately received in a way that is not good, delete it immediately and apologize. Is what you said worth friendships or even a bunch of negative comments? Is it worth the heartache of hurting someone’s feelings? Go back to first things first. No! If the goal is to glorify God, then those can’t be okay.

The world is definitely an interesting place, and how we, as Christians interact with the people around us is extremely important. The best way we can make sure that our Social Media is positive and effective is by doing these three things consistently